Monday, 11 January 2016

Interviews and Videos

I thought I would start the new year with a brief post about what I have been up to over the holiday period.

I was approached by the editors of Teatime with Testers magazine seeking permission to publish my current series of posts on testing skills - the first one has been published and you can download the magazine for FREE from here - .

During December Matt Young got in touch with me from the company Functionize to see if I would be willing to do a podcast with their CEO Ray Grieselhuber about "Why automation will not replace manual testing."  This ended up being a really good discussion in which everything from why automation can be useful, to a philosophical debate about what being human means.  We ended up chatting for so long that the article had to be split into two parts.  The podcast and articles can be found at the links below.

During this period Richard Bradshaw started a great new concept of Whiteboard testing.  Considering I do not live that far from Richard I decided to pop over and we recorded a couple of sessions.  Links to these session can be found below:

A look at the test automation pyramid
Test Execution Model

I intend to record a few more whiteboard sessions in the near future.  If you have any great ideas for whiteboard sessions then please do record them and help support this wonderful initiative.


Oh and I will be speaking in Brighton on March 11th at Testbash.  Hope to see you there.