Friday, 17 April 2015

What Interests you? - A Short post.

One of the topics I am currently researching is motivation and how we become passionate about certain activities and ideas.  Part of this research is for my workshop at Lets Test.  One of the most interesting techniques  I have found for uncovering your passion is to use the following simple question:
"What interests YOU?"
What thoughts occur in your mind when you ask yourself that question?

Now ask yourself what YOU can do explore this further? The key to uncovering your passions is to find out what you like and pursue it. This does not mean it has to be work related, it could be doing charity work, travelling or some other activity which interests you and gives you a warm happy feeling.  Once you have found something that interests you, it is a good idea to find ways to write about either privately or publicly.

There are ways you can use the answer to that question to motivate you to do more. Look at talking to others with similar interests by joining clubs or organizations that have similar passions and interests as yourself.  As a tester it is also good to attend events where people have different perspectives and views to your own to expand your knowledge.  If your passion is an subject related to your work then it could be a good idea to do a show and tell about the subject in the workplace, this may encourage others with an interest in the subject to approach you.  There are many opportunities as a tester to talk about your passion, if your passion is testing.  I get regular opportunities to talk about my own passions at conferences, some of these are because I have submitted to talk and others where I have been invited to talk.  To begin with I started small and presented at local meet up events in front of a few people and once I got experience of this I moved on to giving quick talks at conferences before feeling confident enough to talk in front of big audiences. Talking in front of an audience is not for everyone but it is a good way to share your passion with others and I do recommend you try it, even if you only do so with a few people. You never know you may enjoy it and this will motivate you to learn more about hat interests you.

In my workshop I will be discussing this in more detail and investigating intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.  We will be playing games, having fun and hopefully learning.  Look forward to see those lucky participates in Sweden.

If you cannot make it I encourage you to reply in the comments about what you use to inspire and motive you and others.

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