Thursday, 8 November 2012

Some good ideas to aid testing in 7 sentences

I was asked to do a small talk in the community hub at Eurostar 2012 test conference on the following topic:

The best test technique in seven sentences

which I changed to the following

Some good ideas to aid testing in 7 sentences

Since it might be best just for now.....

Some people have asked I post the presentation somewhere so here it is.


...all the information you can, both verbal, non-verbal and written.


....the system to learn about what it actually does rather than what you think it does.


....and communication is important, you need to talk to everyone.


..all information provided or uncovered by exploring this is your evidence.

CONTEXT crucial, all your testing should be driven by the context at that time.


...and engage your brain, testing is all about thinking.


Act like a detective and DETECT your bugs

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